Brilliant Oven Cleaning Hacks You’ll Wish You Knew Earlier

Cleaning your oven is one of the most essential things you can do to keep your kitchen running smoothly. The oven is where you prepare food, so it is important to keep it clean and free of any grease and residue to ensure that your food is always delicious and nutritious. An to help you keep the task from becoming too overwhelming, here are some simple tips for cleaning your oven.

1. Always Start With Vacuuming

The first step in cleaning your oven is to put on rubber gloves and a scrub brush. Then you can apply an abrasive cleaning pad and allow it to soak in the oven for about an hour before wiping it off with a damp cloth. It's important to let the cleaner sit for a couple of hours before reinstalling the racks. Afterwards, you can air dry the oven.

Vacuuming the oven is the first step of any deep cleaning project. It helps to remove any debris that might have accumulated on the oven floor and prevent you from getting stuck in the process. While you’re vacuuming, you can also wipe down the inside of the oven and remove any crumbs or dirt that might have settled there.

2. How to Make Your Own Oven Cleaner

To make your own oven cleaner, you can buy one or even make it at home. All you need is some baking soda and liquid dish soap. Mix the two ingredients in equal parts and use a small brush or sponge to apply it to the inside of your oven. Allow it to sit for 15 minutes to work. Rinse the oven with distilled white vinegar to remove any remaining paste. This method is a cost-effective way to clean your oven.

If you’re not a fan of commercial oven cleaners, you might be wondering how to make your own. The easiest way to do so is to mix equal parts of white vinegar and baking soda. You can use a cup or a measuring cup for this, and if you need to, you can also use an old toothbrush to mix the two. Once you’ve done so, you can apply the mixture to the oven using a mop or a sponge. Let the mixture sit for about 10 minutes, and then scrub it away. This oven cleaner will work just fine for cleaning ovens, but it might also work as a window cleaner, a grease-removal product, and a surface cleaner.


3. How to Clean Oven Knobs

Cleaning oven knobs is easy. You can use vinegar to clean them. Before you begin, remove the knobs from the oven. Then, soak them in one part of the vinegar for at least five minutes. Then, spray the rest of the oven with the vinegar and let it sit for at least 30 seconds. After this, rinse them well and wipe them dry. Replace the knobs after they've dried.

Oven knobs are one of those things that you should never forget about, but you probably do. If you don’t clean them regularly, they’ll build up a thin layer of grease and crud that will eventually render the knob unusable. However, it’s fairly easy to clean them. First, fill your sink with warm water. Then, pour some dish soap into the water and add a bit of rubbing alcohol. Dip a soft sponge into the mixture and then scrub the knob. Rinse with warm water, and then dry the knob with a soft cloth.


4. How to Clean Glass Oven Doors

One of the most common problems with ovens is the grease and gunk that can build up on the oven door. Not only can it make cleaning the oven a real pain, but it can also cause the door to get damaged over time. Luckily, cleaning the oven door isn’t as hard as you might think. You’ll first need to remove the oven door. Then, place it on a large baking sheet and spray it with some baking soda. Let the oven door sit for about 20 minutes, and then carefully rinse it off with water. If the baking soda didn’t do the trick, you can also use vinegar instead.


5. How to Clean the Oven Using Water and Lemons

While the oven cleaner mentioned might work, there are a few other ways to clean the oven that might be a little easier. You can use lemon juice and water to clean the oven. Simply mix equal parts of lemon juice and water in a bowl. Then, apply the mixture to the oven using a mop or a sponge. Let the mixture sit for about 15 minutes, and then scrub it away. The oven cleaner will be able to remove grease, grease marks, and even baked-on bread. If you want to get the oven really clean, you can also add some dish soap to the mixture.


6. How to Start Cleaning the Oven Racks in the Bathtub

Oven racks are the worst, especially if you have a traditional oven that doesn’t have a self-cleaning feature. Not only are they a constant source of grease and gunk, but they’re also hard to clean. However, if you’re willing to invest a bit of time and effort, you can clean them in the bathtub. To do so, you’ll first need to remove the oven racks. Then, fill your bathtub with warm water. Add a bit of dish soap, and spray the racks with vinegar. Let the racks soak for about 20 minutes, and then rinse them thoroughly with water. If you’re really worried about the grease on the racks, you can also add a bit of dish soap and scrub them with a soft brush.


7. Clean Oven Hard to Reach Areas With Toothbrush

If you have a hard time cleaning the oven itself, or even the oven racks themselves, you can always use a toothbrush. Spray the inside of the oven with vinegar, then use a toothbrush to clean away any gunk. This works great if you have a lot of greasy residue on the oven and you don’t have a lot of time to clean the oven.


8. Clean Your Oven With Alkaline Cleaners

If you have an oven that uses propane, you should know that alkaline cleaners work great to clean the oven. Alkaline cleaners are available at most hardware stores and can be used to clean the oven as well as the oven’s surfaces. You can also use these cleaners to clean your oven’s burners and burners.


9. Clean Your Oven With Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a great way to clean your oven, but it’s not something you can just throw into your dishwasher. You’ll first need to remove the oven racks and then clean the inside of the oven with hydrogen peroxide. For the best results, you’ll want to mix about two parts of water and one part of hydrogen peroxide to clean your oven. Spray the inside of the oven with the mixture, and let it sit for a few minutes before wiping it off with a sponge.


10. How to Steam Clean Your Oven With Vinegar

First, bring one-third of the water in the pot to a boil. Once boiling, add an equal amount of white vinegar. Continue to boil for 30 seconds. Then, remove the pot from the pan, place it on one of the oven racks, and close the oven door. Do not open the oven, and don’t turn on the oven but let the pot for 45-60 minutes. You can start cleaning as soon as you open the door. Wipe the surface with a soapy cloth. Stains can be removed more easily than simply scrubbing.


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