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Hello housewives and mothers worldwide!

Welcome to DIY Hacks&Crafts, and yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like. We created this blog back in 2016 with the mission to address the problems of housewives and moms that they encounter on a regular basis and teach you how to solve them all yourself.

What kind of problems you ask? This blog covers clever and crafty solutions to daily nuisances and obstacles in the domains of house cleaning and organizing. Instead of paying hefty amounts to clean your spaces the traditional exhaustive way, we will teach you how to apply clever little chemistry tricks to greatly ease the process and get the best results.

Here you will find neat life hacks and gift ideas to utilize for any kind of occasion, from holidays, family gatherings, housewarming parties and much more. We believe the best gift is not the one that’s expensive, but the one that is thoughtful. Learn to instill your emotion into the gifts you make and I guarantee your loved ones will be over the moon.

Decorate your home with our curated blogs on DIY kitchen ideas and home decoration. We also recommend neat products from Amazon that can be worthy additions to your arsenal. Believe it or not, for as little as 50$ you can decorate your own living space better than top interior designers. This is the beauty of DIY Hacks&Crafts.

Gardening is another fan favorite topic where DIY Hacks&Crafts offers instructive blogs on creating the perfect garden right here in your backyard without spending a fortune. Couple a little bit of clever thinking with everyday materials found in your average shed, and you can easily take your garden game up a notch.

Creating your own crafts not only save you the hundreds of dollars you would have otherwise spent on buying the items you needed, but also saves you crucial time and energy that you can now allocate to the things that really matter in your life such as family, friends, career and personal development. Not to mention it also feels excellent solving your problems yourself.

With a large number of helpful and instructive blog posts, articles and occasional product recommendations, DIY Hacks&Crafts has a definitive place in your bookmarks tab.

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