10 Easy & Festive Christmas Nail Designs to Get You Into the Holiday Spirit

The long-awaited holiday season is upon us, and that means it’s time to get ready in style! In addition to the right outfit, you also need to wear makeup and … manicures.

In this article, we tell you which manicure is suitable for this Christmas, which shades to choose from, which designs to choose from, and we also present 10 suitable options. Let’s get started!

1. Nails With Retro Ornaments


Old-fashioned ornaments add charm to any Christmas tree, let alone a manicure. Nail artist Savannah Walker painted a classic ornament on each nail in a different shape and color. Yellow, orange, red, pink and blue all stand out against a chrome green background, making this nail art look even more festive.


2. Sealed-In Sequins Nails Design


Nothing is more New Year’s Eve chic than red lips and nails. Take this one to the next level with some creative shine. Nail artist RLnails coated extra-large glitter-like glitter with Madam Glam Soak Off Gel Polish in the dramatic carmine red Very Chic. This redefines the concept of a vacation glitter manicure and makes it more subtle – but no less joyful.

3. Nails Design With Wisps of White & Blue


Take the most beautiful Hanukkah paper you’ve ever seen and turn it into nail art: that’s what you get with this gorgeous manicure. On a beautiful beige base, waves of white, light and dark blue and silver flow from the square tips. The casual design looks just as good in any traditional holiday color scheme; try it with a clear base to create an even more modern feel.


4. Holiday Retrofuturism


Is it Christmassy? Yes, it is. Could it be inspired by an old toothpaste package? Yes, also. But that’s exactly why we love this manicure. It looks retro and super modern at the same time. The white polish is used to sprinkle snowy dots over a nude base, as well as to bring out strokes in sparkly teal. The same cool, dark green creates beautiful eight-pointed stars on each nail.

5. Nails With Jewel Tones & Gems


Of all the elegant shades you can use for a manicure, emerald green is definitely the most festive. This manicure alternates a shiny metallic with a deeper, glossier green in Ivy and Jungle by The Gel Bottle. Both middle fingers are decorated with a vertical row of crystals to add a festive touch.


6. Gems & Geometry


Even if you have long nails, you can opt for simple nail art that conveys a festive mood. In this gorgeous series by nail artist Mimi, a pale pink base is embellished with geometric accents in burgundy. To add interest to the manicure, crystals were placed on the cuticle of the middle finger, the only nail not painted red.

7. Retro Curves


This ’70s-inspired nail art from artist Ravi is a stylish and understated way to add a little spice to your look. It uses two key vacation colors from the gel bottle – light blue “Michelle” and dark green “Jungle” – which makes them even more sympathetic when combined with white and applied in different combinations over a sheer nude base. Perfect for those who like to celebrate the season in a less obvious way.


8. Merry Minimalism


Red and white is a color combination that always evokes the spirit of Christmas and there are many ways to interpret it. If you don’t want to imitate Santa in your manicure, check out this super simple and super chic manicure from Goldstein. Each nail features a vertical line of white over a shade of beige; near the cuticle, there’s a dark red dot on each line. At any other time of the year, this might not seem festive, but in December, the intent is clear.

9. Colorful Candy Cane Tips


No, you’re not the only one who prefers fruity candy to mints. Proudly flaunt your preference with a French cane-style manicure that pays homage to a subtle version of the festive candy. Walker swapped out a striped hue on each tip – a mix of pastels and lighter shades that look as much like New Year’s as reds and greens.


10. Holly Berry


It may not be snowing in South Florida, but Nails by Marcy in Boca Raton proves there’s still plenty of Christmas cheer to go around with this holly-inspired manicure. The red berries are even three-dimensional.

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