What is Agoraphobia?

A common question that many people have is what is agoraphobia. It is a mental condition that causes a person to avoid common places and situations. Whether it's fear of flying, crowds, or anything in between, people with this condition to avoid going to those locations. Unfortunately, the stigma associated with this disorder prevents many from seeking help. Regardless of severity, however, it is still important to seek help if your symptoms are severe enough to keep you from living a normal life.

Agoraphobia is the anxiety to be in a position that makes it impossible to leave or get assistance in the event of something going wrong.

Most of the people think of agoraphobia as a simple condition, but in fact, it is much more complex. People with agoraphobia may be afraid to use public transportation, go to shopping malls, or leave their homes.

People with agoraphobia often experience panic attack symptoms when caught in stressful situations, such as palpitations (rapid heartbeat), hyperventilation (shortness of breath), feeling feverish, sweating, and malaise.

They may avoid anxiety-provoking situations and only go out with friends or partners. They will order food and groceries online instead of going to the supermarket or a restaurant. This change in behavior is called avoidant behavior (or avoidance).

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