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10 Cleaning Hacks That'll Make You Say ''Why Didn't I Know About These Sooner?''

Cleaning around the house can be a tiresome and cumbersome chore. Sometimes it feels like it takes a lot of time and energy to complete. Whether cleaning your house constantly or tidying up a little bit, knowing some quick and easy hacks and tricks to use can make the exercise faster, easier and enjoyable to do. There are various cleaning hacks that can save time and reduce frustrations while helping you along the way save a lot of money that was to be used on cleaning products.
Below are some of the cheap, affordable and easy cleaning hacks that will help you during your cleaning routine.

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1) Use an old pillowcase to dust a ceiling fan.
This traps the dirt in the pillowcase preventing the dust from falling or flying around. You simply place the pillowcase over each fan blade and gently slide it off.

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2) Use isopropyl alcohol or bleach with a scrub brush to remove surface mold (mildew) in a shower.
Apply the cleaning mix then let it stay there for around 2 minutes then lightly scrub to remove the mold.

3) Rub gently with wax paper on chrome faucets in order to keep them extra shiny and also prevent water spots.
It makes them extra clean and it lasts for a long period of time despite constant activities at the faucet areas.

4) In order to ensure that a shower curtain slides more smoothly and easily, it is advisable to 'wax' it.
Rubbing the metal rack with wax paper helps make the hangers slide easily and smoothly.

5) Boiling water in an electric kettle with a half-lemon can freshen the electric kettle.
Mixing it with equal amounts of vinegar and water can help do more descaling of the kettle. Let the mixture boil then let it settle for around 15 mins and rinsing thoroughly before using the kettle again.

6) Considering the sink as the final dish to be cleaned every time you clean the dishes.
This helps keep the sink sparkling clean. Use hot water, a sponge and soap to keep it clean and healthy.

7) Stains at the bottom of porcelain sink can be easily removed by a combination of baking soda with a tiny amount of hydrogen peroxide.
This is achieved by sprinkling the baking powder first, then pouring a tiny amount of hydrogen peroxide on the scrubbing sponge. This achieves a sparkling porcelain.

8) Crayon marks on walls can easily be removed by using Windex.
The glass cleaning agent wipes crayon marks from painted walls without destroying the paint on the wall.

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9) Use Pine-Sol to keep the toilet brush and holder clean and smelling fresh.
It has a freshener-like smell and keeps them smelling fresh and keeps them clean too.

10) Use mineral oil to wipe a greasy part.
Greasy parts that may appear on stoves and other items can be wiped by using a cloth dipped in mineral oil. Also, dish soap works perfectly.

These are some of the greatest cleaning hacks that are sure to reduce the amount of work and time we spend on cleaning. However, they are not exhaustive and one can discover others as they go on their activities.

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