14 Completely Random Life Hacks That're Usually Quite Useful

We do not need to complicate life always. Sometimes, it is fashionable to look simple with the things you do. Isn't it? Yes, I bet it is especially when you have got creative ideas at hand as the ones below. Take a look at the following 14 very useful life hacks that you will fall in love with. You are gonna thank me later.

1. Clean up tiny broken pieces of glass on the floor using a slice of bread!
Simply press over the whole floor containing small pieces of broken glass using a slice of bread. Do this after sweeping off the larger pieces.

2. Prevent stains brought by sweat on your shirt using a pantyliner!

While in your Sunday best shirt, just attach a pantyliner onto the inside of the armpit of the shirt as which is the main source of the stains brought about by sweat. It will absorb the sweat along with the stains.

3. Use dry rice for drying wet electronic devices!
Apartment Geeks
After accidentally dropping your beautiful phone into water, simply remove a removable battery in case and insert the phone in dry rice! Simple. Wait for a day and your phone is reinstated back to normal.

4. Use an onion to keep an avocado fresh.
The Kitchn
Simply suffocate the two in a container together. It works!

5. Keep your emergency cash safe from theft by wrapping it in a sanitary napkin wrapper.
Dump a Day
When on the move with your cash stored this way, it's safe. This is the thing least likely to be tampered with by thieves. Did you know that?

6. Lubricate a sticking zipper with a wax paper!
One Crazy House
Simply rub the wax paper on the stuck zipper and you shall have helped it move along smoothly a lot.

7. Use aluminium foil as a substitute for missing bigger batteries!
Our Daily Ideas
It works this way. If you have a smaller battery than you need, simply roll up an aluminium foil to fill up that missing space and wrap the battery in it so that the battery can now fit your device.

8. Cut a tennis ball open and find a jar opener!
Just that way. Cut a tennis ball open and you shall have already got a machine for opening jars very easily.

9. Be fond of buying the Sunday newspaper.

This newspaper has for a lot of coupons that you can use to shop and consequently save yourself a lot of money! The money saved here will cater for the cost of that paper.

10. Use the simple origami technique to fold chip bags.
It saves on money spent on bag clamps. Use it and it will function as well as that clamp!

11. To organize your cord, you need those used bread tags!
Apartment Geeks
Keep the bread tags always and you will find them important when it comes to labelling your cords well.

12. Purchase the following items at a dollar store near you to save a good deal on your cash

Frozen food, bread, candy and other produce are cheaper at a discount store than in any other larger retailer. This obviously saves you cash.

13. You can use that pill case that you usually ignore to safe keep and store your jewelry when on the move!
Mental Floss
Things like your earnings can fit the pill case for storage and this leaves you feeling they're safe during a journey for example.

14. Use your dishwasher to keep your kitchen sponges!

Together with your dishes, don't forget to toss the kitchen sponge. Their sink life will be longer than before!

Wow! Aren't they amazing? They certainly are. Start today!

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