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15 DIY Ways to Make Your Child's Bedroom Magical

Every kid’s dream is to have a magical bedroom and this goes further than just a bed and a closet. As a parent, fulfill your child’s expectations is one of the biggest concerns, and budget sometimes is a problem. But with these DIY you will find 15 ways of making your child’s dream come true.

1. Painting the walls:
constantchatter.com   Disney/ besttravelphotos.me

By setting a thematic and painting the walls as if they were inside the show will make them feel happier about their bedroom.

2. Lamps are your friends:
momsshoppingengine.com  Disney

A night full of terrors is one of the worst nightmares a kid could have. If they have a lamp in their room, you can cut out their favorite character’s shadow and place it over the lamp shade.

3. Doorknobs come to live:
family.go.com  Disney/ spongebobandfriendsadventures.wikia.com

Bringing doorknobs to life is an easy task. You will only need some goofy eyes and a big smile.

4. Secret hiding place:
sportsmansguide.com   Disney/ constantchatter.com

You can create secret entrances and hiding places where your kid can feel safe and sound!

5. Sheets fort:
racheldenbow.blogspot.com   Disney/ disney.wikia.com

You can create a tent to sleep by using their favorite sheets so that they can camp inside their rooms.

6. Bunk bed:

The lower part of the bunk bed can be customize with different thematic like a secret hidden base.

7. Secret passages:
myharrypotterparty.blogspot.com    Disney/ harrypotter.wikia.com

Connecting one room to another has not ever been funnier, by using little doors or curtains you can make things most amusing.

8. Chandeliers full of magic:
homediypeople.com    Disney/ trueclassics.net

A broken umbrella and some Christmas lights can transform a dark room into a room full of magic and light.

9. Swings are the best:
instructables.com     Disney/ disney.wikia.com

Those rainy days can ruin kid’s afternoons. By having a swing indoors, your children will be able to enjoy themselves no matter what.

10. Colorful floor:

Not only walls are important but also the floor. By customizing it with racetracks, jungle floor or even sea waves, adventures will never be missing!

11. Stickers:

If painting the walls or the floor is not an option, buying stickers can be your best shot. Giving them the freedom of choosing what goes where and see what happens!

12. Art gallery :

If your kid’s inner Picasso is constantly showing off, turn her room into an art gallery by framing their doodles.

13. Creative painting:

Leaving a white wall for your kids to draw on them as they wish!

14. Funny curtains:
Jacquelyn Portolese/ jakfruit.tumblr.com   Disney/ taraphillips.ca

Matching the walls and the floor with funny curtains can lead to a better setting for your kid.

15. Under-beg storage:

Allow them to have their own secret place to hide their supplies and toys; without you knowing.

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