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15 Awesome DIY Gifts Ideas that Anyone Can Do

Who says only money can make one to produce a gift? Cut the question off and try to look of at these 15 awesome DIY gift ideas that anyone can actually do without spending much of a penny.


1. Tea Wreath
Looking for a match for the cold weather? Bring out your teas out of the box and let them hang in full circle!
The search is over for whatever flavor you wanted to serve, just let this circle of delights amaze and calm your guest while giving a pinch of creativity in your home.

2. Monogrammed Mugs
Design Mom
To complement your DIY Tea Wreath, awesome monogrammed mugs are the answer to have your tea (or coffee or your favorite drink – name it) be set and let the good time be served. Thus, with a personal touch in customizing a plain mug, surely it’s a great way of making your special ones draw their sweet smile.

3. His and Hers Pillowcases
Make your pillows as the crown of your bed! These and Hers Pillowcases are surely something you wanted to offer for couples.

4. Placemat Clutch
Worn-out placemats? Have them restored and transform into more of an unconventionally functional way. With just a little tweak of your clips and your placemat, who says one cannot make something out of trash.

5. Collegiate Scarf
Bring back the school vibes by having a touch of embroidery on a scarf and keep the strands of two tones on it.

6. Photo Collage Star
Say Yes To Hoboken
They say a picture speaks a thousand word, and tricking it in college way and shaped it in the star, this awesome idea will be worth a million stories to tell.

7. Keyboard Message
To tell someone a message has always been a classic thoughtful idea to give to your special one. But having your keys on your keyboard to make such – modernly classic thoughtful way it is.

8. Coffee Cozy
Knock off the heat of your coffee with this awesome idea of giving it a hug! Coffee cozy is the best coffee huggers to stabilize the head that you might want to avoid when holding your hot drink.

9. Kindle case
Incorporate the idea of giving fashion and function by gifting this Kindle case for a techy friend – or might consider using this as your casual on-the-go mini bag for mall stroll.

10. Instagram Calendar
What a nice way to reminisce things on each month is to have this Instagram Calendar to be offered for your pal. Together, look back on each month and the special things happened.

11. Floppy Disk Planters
Have you saved your father’s floppy disk collection? Have it the green way! Make these awesome planters by making corners and putting a touch of eco and soil in it.

12. Reversible Apron
Knock on someone’s kitchen doors by giving this reversible apron! No need to worry about having a different flavor of your look while cooking, think of your mood and choose whatever side you are up to.

13. Knitted Coasters
Fan of knitting out of your spare time? You might want to consider weaving these coasters with a little touch of customization for your loved ones!

14. Chic Luggage Tag
Travel buddies on her birthday? Make her personalized chic luggage tag to sassy up her luggage and remember you whenever she’s out of the country or up for a little gig out of town.

15. Neckties for Men
The Purl Bee
Having trouble with finding something for your man? Neckties are a classic way of featuring your appreciation to your man.

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