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10 Ridiculously Cool Projects For Kids That Adults Will Want To Try

Every adult has some childhood fun they always miss. Since kids projects keep on changing, some adults feel the urge to do a particular project that they didn’t attempt while growing up simply because it looks cool. Other adults feel to do those projects they did in childhood over and over again. This article will give you 10 ridiculous cool projects for kids that adults will want to try out.

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1. Filling a jar with a nebula.
This is one of the projects that really looks interesting and tempting for anyone to attempt. Adults will want to practice this project since they learned nebula in school and looks interesting putting that cloud of dust in a jar.

2. Adding food color to glue to come up with cosmic sun catchers.
What could be more interesting for adults than this kids’ fun? This game takes about 2 - 5 minutes to execute and really catches your eye when you see kids playing. Kids can stay the entire day until you feel enticed to join them

3. Studying chemistry of polymers.
Kids study this by the leak-proof bag experiment. The requirements can be found in almost every home; water, a pencil, and a plastic zip lock bag. Kids get fun by piercing through this bag. Amazingly no water leaks out. Kids try to see who will insert the highest number of pencils. Unknowingly, adults get attracted to try out this project.

4. Learning about magnetism.
If you have ever seen your kid using the interactive sensory ball to learn about magnetism then you will bear me witness how much you thought of trying. The whole exercise seems interesting thus breaking the boundaries of age.

5. Melting pony beads.
Childhood memories of making jewelry using pony beads are always the best. Pony beads can also be melted to make earrings and bracelets. This is a game adult won’t hesitate to join when they see kids enjoying.

6. Creating beads with corrugated cardboard pieces.
This is simple technique kids use to turn the corrugated paper into beads. The entire exercise of rolling the different pieces looks innovative and interactive. There is nothing more enjoyable than that that adults would love to participate.

7. Using cement to make sand castles.
Making cement and sand castles is really easy. All that is required is cement, disposable container and spoon. You mix the cement and put it to the container then leave it to dry. Gently pull the container to get your castle. Adults are attracted to this game due to its addictiveness.

8. Growing a crystal garden with man-made flowers.
Everyone loves fresh flowers with a nice look. Kids, however, make their flowers for reasons like lacking cash to buy. The idea of making the crystal flowers that are eye-catching lures adults to the same game.

9. Filling a jar with different layers of color.
One of my childhood memories that will stick forever is doing the rainbow salt jar project. The way colors follow each other is stunning. This is a project that every adult would love since it involves coloring and a lot of interactivity.

10. Creating a glowing castle lantern for night use.
Kids get really creative by doing this project through using simple requirements like paper glue, a pair of scissors, xacto knife, tissue paper and LED votive. Every adult would like to participate in this endeavor for the amazing end result.

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