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The Best 31 Pieces Of Furniture From Amazon You'll Actually Want In Your Home

Including vintage-inspired vanities, comfy armchairs, and bookcases that would make any bibliophile jealous.
Affiliate links included. Full disclosure

1. A vintage-inspired vanity for anyone who likes to pretend they live in another era. Now pass me my rouge.
Promising review: "I am totally in love with it just got it settled in and will look forward to amylums of luxury for my makeup and etc it looks so elegant can't believe the price put together in 15 minutes give or take love it" —IRENE

Price: $232.99

2. A corner desk with a sleek look that'll *maybe* motivate you to get some work done.

Promising review: "This turned out to be even better in person. It looks very sleek, is solidly built, and feels like it could handle a lot of beating up. Just wish it had a bookshelf to match!" —John Barner

$101.64  / Also available in four other colors and styles.

3. A storage mirror that will keep your $2.67 Forever 21 earrings safe from Harry and Marv. Even when you're ~home alone~.

No thief would ever think to check behind my mirror. Phew.

Promising review: "This storage mirror is fantastic! It's got a small footprint and doesn't take up too much space, plus there's a pretty lock on it to keep little hands from opening it, too." —Amy


4. A TV stand destined to bring Netflix's award-winning series "Fireplace For Your Home" to fruition.

 Who else falls asleep to that TV fireplace? I can't be the only one.

Promising review: "Arrived two days after ordering it. Took me about 2 1/2-3 hours to assemble by myself, (I'm female, age 49) Just follow directions and you should be good to go. Everything works well and looks great. Very pleased with my purchase." —Stacie Carso

Price: $249

5. A night stand that is not a one night stand. This piece of furniture will be by your side forever. 

Promising review: "This is a great addition to my bedroom! My grandson put it together — the wired bin is great for storage. For the money, it's a steal." —Noemi

Price: $32.99

6. A kitchen table set for optimal back-of-the-cereal box reading. Preferably the sugary kind.

Promising review: "Was very hesitant to order a dining room set from Amazon over the internet but I knew Amazon would take care of me if something was to happen. I am very happy to say everything went better than expected shipping was very fast and the packaging was excellent. The dining room set was very easy to assemble and very nice quality for the price. It's very sturdy and has a nice finish on the wood." —Doug Bivens

Price: $911.40

7. A tufted loveseat that screams "come here and snuggle" after a long day of pretending to be friendly. 

Promising review: "This sofa is so pretty! The seat is not too squishy; it is firm and VERY comfortable. Our living room is where we spend most of our time, and I love being able to sit in this sofa and read a book to my children." —Megmyday

Price: $643.45 / Also available as a full-size sofa.

8. A decorative ladder inspired by Miley Cyrus' hit song, "The Climb."

Or would I call it Hannah Montana's hit song? It's from the movie. Hm.

Promising review: "I love it! It provides a simple way to show off cute little home accessories. It's good quality, and I bought another. Just waiting for it to arrive!" —Maria Washburn

Price: $69.99

9. A comfy armchair who clearly despises "leg day" at the gym.

Promising review: "The chair is perfect for what we wanted. We were looking for a comfortable sitting chair to put in our study on either side of the chess set. Nice color, good texture to the fabric. All around 100% satisfied." —Jim S.

Price: $136.57 / Also available in Purple.

10. A coffee table that doesn't discriminate against tea drinkers. All beverages are welcome.

Promising review: "I waited nearly three years to find the perfect coffee table in size, appearance and price, and this ticks all the boxes. This table is solid, sturdy, gorgeous, and real wood. And for that, the price cannot be beat." —Spida

Price: $169.99

11. A velvet armchair with a regality that matches your own.

Promising review: "This chair is one of the best things I have ever purchased; great price, shipped quickly, extremely comfortable, and a beautiful color. All I had to do for assembly was pop the legs on." —Katie

Price: $249.99 / Also available in four other colors.

12. An exhausted sleeper sofa that's sick and tired of being asked, "what's wrong?"

Just because it looks blue doesn't mean it feels blue. Ugh.

Promising review: "What a surprise, this thing is awesome! I ordered it for my boys' playroom, and it's perfect for a fun, comfy place to hang out and play Xbox. Plus, it turns into a bed if you need one. I am a very picky shopper and this has totally exceeded my expectations." —Amazon Customer

$254.57 / Available in four other colors.

13. A retro coffee table for anyone who wants a modern-looking abode.

Promising review: "Beautiful piece and cool retro look! The quality is fantastic. I'm very happy with this product." —G

Price: $55.99

14. A faux leather bench that would make even a varsity team member want to sit this one out.

Promising review: "Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! This bench is fantastic for the price. Beautiful fabric, strong, and sturdy." —MissKen

Price: $314.88 / Also available in black and grey.

15. Ladder bookcases for anyone who dreams of one day having a home library à la Beauty and the Beast.
I'd fall in love with the Beast, too, if he gave me a room full of books.

Promising review: "I adore these! I got them to put beside my entertainment center. They are very sturdy; the shelves are thick wood slabs and the sides are made of metal." —Jo Lynn

Price: $104.95

16. A storage ottoman designed to replace the chair. You know, the chair in your room with the ever-growing pile of clothes.

...that you can never sit on because you literally never clean it.

Promising review: "If anyone is looking for a nice storage option, this ottoman is amazing. It is SOLID and extremely nice. It's worth every penny." —Anna Herrera

Price: $51.99 / Available in three other colors.

17. A table set that won't take up a ton of space. Yay!

Promising review: "Simply perfect; the quality, the size, the color, everything! It only took about 30 minutes to assemble it. You wont be disappointed with your purchase." —Rand J.

Price: $250.00

18. A yellow loveseat for those who believe that when life gives you lemons, you should sit and watch TV.

Promising review: "Love the color and style very much. Exactly what we wanted and expected." —love2bhappy2

Price: $325.50 / Also available in 6 other colors.

19. A unique silver table that looks like it was snatched up from a super cool, oh-wow-this-is-expensive antique store.

Promising review: "This is a beautiful console table! I use it as a makeup table, and it's perfect for what I need. Saw this same product on other websites for quite a bit more money. The product arrived damage-free and was easy to put together!" —KD

Price: $325.59

20. A kitchen cart to store your most valuable possessions. I'm referring to cereal and bread.


Promising review: "I received this earlier than expected, and the parts were all accounted for with no damage. The directions were easy to follow and made putting it together simple. I absolutely love the way it looks, plus it's super sturdy." —Punkinlovescreativity

Price: $127.09

21. An iron metal bed frame for anyone who looks up "rustic style" on Pinterest.

Promising review: "Even more beautiful in person than in the picture! Super durable and perfect for a girl's bedroom." —Ingrid

Price: $260.00

22. An end table that can and should be decorated with a big bouquet of flowers.*

*Preferably bigger than the one in the picture, but do what you can.

Promising review: "This tall table looks more expensive than it is. The material feels solid and the finish appears flawless, plus the assembly took less than ten minutes and was super easy." —Citan-uzuki

Price: $35.03

23. An accent chair for when you need to just sit down and read a good book.


Or get in a good Instagram scroll-through. Either one.

Promising review: "What can I say? I am in love with this chair. The color is perfect, the height is perfect, the legs are perfect. It's just perfect." —Juan E. Ortiz

Price: $164.00. / Also available in five different colors and styles.

24. A unique bookshelf that was once on exhibit at the MoMa before being sold to a wealthy business tycoon.*

*Not really.

Promising review: "I've had this for a little over three months and i absolutely love the way it looks in my studio apartment. Everyone comments on how cool it looks and, considering I've filled every shelf with books and a few other items, it's definitely sturdy." —AF

Price: $142.99. / Also available in white.

25. A powder blue loveseat for anyone who enjoys sipping tea, eating scones, and reading the paper.

Ah, luxury.

Promising review: "I purchased this for my studio apartment, and it’s a good size — two adults comfortably, three max. The fabric is so nice that most people think it was far more expensive, and are constantly amazed that I bought it on Amazon!” —Justine Nugent

Price: $480.06. / Also available in white.

26. A table set with seats.

Promising review: "Love it! Very happy with what I got. I was a little nervous that it was going to feel cheap, but it doesn't. Awesome for only $100!" —Ashley

Price: $91.99

27. An end table that is simply a new beginning for your décor.

Promising review: "Very pretty for a very reasonable price. Highly recommend!" —B.D.

Price: $55.99. / Available in four other colors.

28. A TV stand with plenty of space to store DVDs, books, magazines, records, etc.

Promising review: "Beautiful! Modern and classy. Good value for the price. Assembly takes some time, easier with two people. Loved the color and style so much that I ordered the matching book shelf!" —Ham

Price: $306.87. / Also available in black.

29. A mirrored nightstand that was featured in Mulan's powerful ballad, "Reflection." It was there. Right next to the pond.

Promising review: "Beautiful! Goes great with my bedroom, and it looks like I paid way more than I did. It also came in a well-packed boxed with bubble wrapping to ensure it wouldn't break during delivery." —Amazon Customer

Price: $213.64

30. A pillow-top futon for anyone who aspires to have a guest bedroom, but doesn't have one just yet.

Hello friend, let me point you to the guest room... *points to futon*

Promising review: "So satisfied with this futon! I'm a recent college graduate and can't really purchase an expensive sofa right now. This is a perfect compromise; this provides a place for people to sit when they're over, and a bed for any guests that need to stay over. It's the perfect size for my NYC apartment and is even larger than I was expecting. Incredibly easy to assemble as well and very comfy." —Sween_Sr

Price: $273.65

31. A gold chrome table that is perfect for displaying your extensive magazine collection.

Who else has copies of Seventeen from, like, 1806?

Promising review: "A beautiful table and super easy to assemble. The picture doesn't do it justice." —Shantell Cogdell

Price: $168.98

 Can't pick one, so I guess I'll buy it all. 
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