11 Homemade Father’s Day DIY Gifts

Many fathers don't look for appreciation for all they do. They care and look after their loved ones with a sense of responsibility and pride, which is why it's essential to set aside a day to honor them. These home made surprise ideas for Father's Day is going a long way in telling him how special and liked he is.

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1. Digital photography frame.

Save your photographs in a storage card or disk, add a caption that shows how much you appreciate your dad and play it as a slideshow by using a digital photography frame.

2. Portrait painting.

In case you are good in painting and attracting, you can paint you dad's portrait and have it mounted.

3. Medals, plaque and stone memorials.

You can create a personal steel, a plaque or a stone memorial. Have it framed, mounted and create a stand.

4. Poem, music and quotes.

If you are creative in writing, you can compose a song and present it on him this Father's day. You can also create a poem and still have it printed in a good paper, frame it and mount it in the room.

5. Personalized clothing and mug.

Add a twists to your father's daily morning coffee by personalizing his cup or mug. It might put a smile on the face seeing your dad enjoying coffee in a glass saying, "Best Dad".
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6. Write daddy a letter that tells him how much you love him.

Get a paper and a pencil and tell him, in writing, how important he's in your life. It won't require a lot of time to share your thoughts.

7. Breakfast in Bed With A Turn

Get up early on Father's Working day and make dad a wonderful and healthy breakfast. It doesn't have to be complicated or fancy but rather something as simple as toast, his favorite fruit and some milk.

8. Conduct dad's weekend chores pertaining to him.

Offer to help Father make a list and then either do the chores for him or help him as he does them. He'll appreciate your help so much.

9. Give Father a Coupon Book Only for Him

Are there things your dad could use some assist with? Of course there are. Build a voucher book packed with steps you can take to help your dad. Provide him a coupon that says you'll wash the car, mow the lawn or clean the backyard.

10. Scented pillow case.

Sew a tiny cushion and fill it with cotton and a few drops of either clary sage, marjoram or ylang-ylang, or a combination of them, for an anti-stress effect.
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11. Father of The Year Banner.

Design a father of the year banner and post it in the front lawn before dad gets home on Father's Day.

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