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10 Surprisingly Easy DIY Woodworking Projects for Beginners

Have you always wanted to try your hand at woodworking but are not sure where to start? These simple projects are easy and suitable for beginners. Try these 10 ideas to get your feet wet building things out of wood.

1. Shoe Organizer

A rack to store shoes and stop them from mucking up your floor is easy to build using a few simple materials. Pieces cut from a 1 x 3 are attached to a 1 x 4, with dowels fixed in between using carefully drilled holes.

2. Wood Bench

It doesn't have to be hard to build a bench - all you need is a board and 18 screws. Pieces are cut from the board and attached with the screws to make a simple, beautiful and functional piece.

3. Magazine Storage Containers

These are simple to build using two 6-ft long 1 x 4s and a 2 x 4 sheet of 1/4 in. plywood.

4. Coat Rack

A coat rack can be made by attaching hooks to 6-ft long 1 x 4s. Paint or finish can be used to give the rack a polished look.

5. Spice Rack

You can build a spice rack that fits into a drawer in an hour using scraps of 1/4 in. and 1/2 in. plywood. It looks kind of like a tiny staircase, and enables you to see the labels of all your spices in the drawer.

6. Cottage Shelf

Try making a shelf using thick forked branches as supports, giving it a rustic look. Use a stud finder and drywall anchors to fix it to the wall.

7. Step Stool

A very attractive looking step stool can be made out of an 8 ft. 1 x 8 board and a 4 ft. 1 x 3 board. The boards are cut into pieces and the pieces are attached using biscuit and glue.

8. Recycling Storage Rack

All you need to build this and better organize your recycling are five plastic containers, six 2 x 2s and screws, and it can be built in an hour. The 2 x 2s are assembled into a rack to hold the containers using the screws.

9. Sliding Bookend

Make a bookend that can accommodate the movement of books or DVDs by cutting a 6 x 6 square out of a 3/4 in. thick board, then cutting a notch into it that's slightly wider than the shelf.

10. Boot Scraper

Traditionally used by Swedish farmers, a handy tool to scrape mud and gunk off your boots can be made out of a row of sharp-cornered slats attached to a couple of 2 x 2s.

Photos credit to  : The Family Handyman

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